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Dr Michael Pierquet


At the mini dental implant center, we replace missing teeth with implant crowns and implant bridges. We also replace dentures with teeth that stay in using mini implants

Mini Implant Dentistry

Forget about everything you’ve heard about the cost, discomfort, and length of time for replacing your missing teeth! We are changing all of that with mini implant dentistry! In most cases we can quickly and easily replace missing teeth with minimal discomfort.

Mini Dental Implants can be used to replace missing teeth instead of bridges or partial dentures, to make loose dentures rock solid, or to replace lousy dentures with teeth that stay in – at a fraction of the cost of conventional implants!

Quality Dental Care

If you are looking for a local implant dentist, then you've come to the right place. In this age of large clinics and corporate dentistry, our small, friendly office offers a distinct advantage. 

No cutting corners. No cheaper materials. No shortening the appointment times. No running from room to room like a high volume clinic. We treat you like a human being, not a widget.

"We Are The Opposite Of Corporate Dentistry"

This is the best time in the history of the world to be a dental patient

I say that because I now have the ability to replacing missing teeth in the easiest, fastest, and most economical manner ever! I have been a practicing dentist for 35 years years and I am very excited that the technology and techniques have finally evolved to where they are now.


If you have one, several, or all of your teeth missing, the best solution for you in the modern era is implants. Dental implants are making dentures, partial dentures, and old fashioned bridges obsolete!

For many decades these partials, dentures, and bridges were all we had. But more that 25 years ago conventional implants came on the scene and these were a game changer. For the first time we could essentially give our patients permanent teeth that worked very much like their original teeth.

These original implants worked well, but they came with some significant downsides.

The Problem With Conventional Dental Implants

  • They are very expensive 
  • They are limited as to where they can be placed
  • They often require bone grafts or sinus surgery prior to placement
  • They can have very long healing times
  • The case can take a year or more for completion
  • They often require surgery for placement and require drilling a large hole in the jaw bone


These reasons and more have prevented many people from having treatment, which means they were forced to suffer with missing teeth, partial dentures, flippers, and worst of all full dentures.

Around 20 years ago, a new treatment was developed called mini dental implants. Mini implants have been used successfully for at least 20 years, but it is only the last few years that most patients have started hearing about them. 

The same way the old style conventional implants changed the game, mini dental implants are changing it again - but to a much greater degree.

For the last 25 years, conventional implants have been used to replace missing teeth. But much like the automobile replaced the horse drawn carriage, and the keyboard replaced the typewriter, the time has come for the mini implant to replace the old way of doing implants.

The Old Way Of Doing Things Is OVER!

The Mini Dental Implant Revolution Is Here!

partial denture, partial dentures

Dentures Are Obsolete

Wearing  a big chunk of plastic in your mouth to replace your teeth was never a good idea. The only other option used to be conventional implants with their extreme costs and disadvantages. Not any more.

Partial Dentures Are Obsolete

You don’t need to wear removable partial dentures with their ugly metal arms that clamp onto your remaining teeth and damage them.

Dental Bridges Are Obsolete

You don’t need to have your good teeth ground down to a peg for a cemented bridge.

Services We Provide At The Mini Implant Center

Replace Your Poor Dentures With Teeth That Work

If you are trying to live with lousy dentures, we can make your life good again by  placing mini implants so you can throw out your dentures and get teeth that stay in all the time. Or we can make you implant dentures that snap in and snap out.  Your denture suffering days are over.


Replace Your Missing Teeth

We replace missing teeth without grinding down your good teeth for bridges, or making you wear ugly, uncomfortable partial dentures. Even better, our mini implant procedures don't require surgery or long healing times, and they are much more affordable than conventional implants. You can finally get rid of that partial denture or "flipper" at a reasonable cost.


Tooth Removal

If you need one or more teeth removed, we can do that for you in the right way to insure that adequate bone is left for implant placement. If you need all of your teeth removed, check out the 5 critical things you need to know before having your teeth removed for dentures, so you don't end up with a BIG problem later.


We Help You Be You Again

I see way too many people every day in my practice whose lives have been devastated by dental problems. And that is why I created this special practice and made it my mission to help people get their teeth back, and get their lives back. 

Before you have your teeth ground down for bridges, or condemn yourself to wearing dentures or uncomfortable, ugly partial dentures, check out what my mini dental implant procedures can do for you - at half the cost of conventional implants! 


I just want you to know how much you’ve changed my life! I'm starting to recover my self esteem all thanks to you! Please respond as soon as you can, I also still need the rest of my cavities filled please let me know how much it would be for each , the bridges and the implants. You are changing my life thank you so much!

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the excellent work you did on creating a new smile for me! You took my crooked, short, and "pushed in" teeth, and created beautiful new teeth with the bonding procedure.  I look in the mirror and still can't believe these are my teeth."

Nancy K

"I had heard about Michael Pierquet's reputation and the excellent dentistry he performs. The procedure went very well. I must add that Dr Pierquet will do everything he can to make you as comfortable as possible. Today I have very nice straight front teeth that are nicely color matched. I have a smile to be proud of..."

Robert P

"Can I just start by saying... I LOVE my new smile. Gave me back a lot of confidence.  Michael you did awesome. You're great at what you do. We are so glad to have found a great dentist with friendly, caring people.  Thanks again!"

Connie B

"Mike, thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did on Paul's teeth. Your expertise and caring created a wonderful outcome."

Dawn E

"Thank you for the awesome job of making my new smile truly beautiful. After grinding my teeth down to half their size, I am proud to smile again with the wonderful results from bonding. I appreciated the professionalism and great results...:

Carrie G

Hi Dr.Mike, I was extremely happy with meeting you and the appointment. I was telling everyone I know how relaxed you made me feel and how excited I am to move forward with the next step in getting the mini implants. I did watch your video but it was difficult to locate on your website. I didn’t sign up for the discount your offering because it appeared it would schedule another consult and we already did that piece but YES I definitely will give a video testimonial when the work is completed to get the promotion your offering. I did write  a 5 star ⭐️ review after my consult with you on February 28th and told anyone who reads them to stay tuned in for updates as I go through this process. I’m waiting for your technician to contact me to schedule my X-ray. 

Thank you for your patient and expert  work. I have been on this journey  for a while. I saw your video on line and after many other dentists I was afraid  to try fearing another disappointment. But I went to your free informational  appointment and thought I would try one more time.everything is going well I am 2/3 s of the way through and am happy I took that chance. I am looking forward  to when it's done . Thank you dr Mike and your assistants.

Dr. Pierquet, I thoroughly appreciated your professionalism, honesty and empathy regarding my current situation. I would rate my first visit as a 5 star!  ( please feel free to use above statement with my name on your website)

I just had my second appointment with Dr Mike. I WAS NERVOUS and worried, but It was easy and Dr Mike made me feel calm and relaxed. From my expérience so far, Dr Mike was able answer all my questions and made the appointment go in a positive direction. I am happy with my appointments and looking forward  to working with Dr MIke.

I was pleased with the fact you explained everything in detail. Previously, Aspen dental didn't tell me any details and I just trusted they knew what they were doing! Not so much! I'm excited to move forward with you and your technologies. I finally have hope for my future. Thank you Vickie

I was very impressed with your understanding of my problem and concerns. Your questions and exam was detailed and complete. I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends.

Please look around my site, read the information, and watch any videos that apply to your situation before you schedule a consult with me. Our consult be easier if you already understand your options and my procedures.

If you have any questions or comments, you can GO HERE to send an email directly to me.