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Dental Implant Financing

We have dental implant financing available if you need it.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that in our office we offer top quality dental care at significantly lower fees than you will find elsewhere. (If you would like to see how we are able to do that, CLICK HERE.)

At the same time we realize that replacing missing teeth with implants can be a significant investment in your health and happiness, and that it can sometimes be difficult for people to afford this life changing treatment.

That is why we offer multiple options for dental implant financing through our outside financing companies. Often times you can get low monthly payments with a small downpayment, or even no downpayment.

For your convenience you can check out these companies on your own using the links below. They ask a few simple questions and do a "soft" credit check which means nothing will show up on your credit report. In less than a minute they will let you know if you are eligible for financing and in what amount.

Different companies have different rules. That is why we use several companies.  So just because one company doesn't approve you, it is possible that another one will.  Sometimes we even use two or more companies at the same time to get the financing you need.

We recommend that you check out several of the options below to see what is available prior to your new patient consultation. That way we will better know what we can do for you.

When it comes to financing dental implant treatment, we’ve got you covered.