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Dental Implant Insurance

What does it mean to be an insurance provider?

To be a preferred provider (ie be a PPO office), the dentist must agree to reduce his or her fees by 30% or so, and abide by all of the insurance company rules, regulations, and fee schedules.

The dentist does this so they will get listed as a "PPO" provider in the hope that they will get more patients who have that plan. In other words, the insurance company bribes the dentist into joining the PPO by offering to send more patients to the office.

So the dentist takes a pay cut, works harder for less money, and gets to deal with the insurance nightmare - lost claims, endless paperwork, asking for more information, stalling on paying claims, fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying for things that they should pay for.

And as an added bonus, the dental office must see a higher volume of patients to make the same money, and they get to hire an extra staff person just to deal with insurance.

The entire PPO concept is simply about making more profit for the insurance company, at the expense of the dental office and YOU.

Our goal on the other hand, is to help you get the best quality dental treatment possible for you. We find that getting into bed with giant insurance companies is the opposite of that goal... Therefore we are not a preferred provider for any insurance companies.

Instead of discounting our fees for the insurance companies, we give the discount to you instead! That is why most of the time you will come out better financially in our office regardless of insurance benefits.

Advantages For You

Pay less out of pocket

Because of our reduced fees reduced fees, many patients find they actually pay less out of pocket in our office compared to other offices that “take” the insurance plan.

Get our insurance discount

For larger treatment plans we may discount your treatment plan by the amount of your insurance  maximums, which means you get the full benefit of your insurance.

We will give you everything you need to file

If it does work out where you want to file insurance, we will give you the info you need to file.

We don’t base your care on insurance company rules

We do not let insurance companies dictate or determine the type and quality of care you receive. The treatment we provide depends ONLY on what is best for you, and what you want.

We treat you like a person

We give you personalized care in a small, friendly office. We see patients one at a time, and provide high quality care for each one.