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Do You Have Dentures That Don't Work, Or Are You Thinking About Getting Dentures?

We have unique, affordable solutions to the denture problems you have or are about to have!

If You've Got Dentures... You've Got Problems!

  • Your Jaw Bones Are Dissolving Away

  • Your Facial Structure Is Collapsing

  • You Can't Eat Everything You Want

  • You Can't Taste Food As Well

  • Difficulty Enjoying Food Texture Or Temperature

  • Your Palate Is Covered With Thick Plastic

  • Your Lower Denture Floats Around

  • Social Embarrassment

  • Discomfort

  • Sticky, Gooey Adhesives Needed

AND... All Of These Denture Problems Are Going To Get Steadily Worse - Unless You Do Something About It...

Before It's Too Late!

Now you might think I'm being overly dramatic, but that's because you haven't seen the things I've seen.

I've been a practicing dentist for over 30 years, and I can tell you there is nothing worse than seeing a patient with dentures who...

  • Can't smile
  • Can't eat
  • Hates how they look because their face has collapsed
  • Is a social recluse because they are too embarrassed to see anyone or go anywhere without teeth.

And worst of all are the cases where nothing can be done about it anymore because too much bone has already been destroyed... because they waited too long.

Even if you feel like your dentures are OK now, please read on to see why that may not always be the case.

Why Does It Happen?

The problem is that your jaw bones need the teeth in place to keep them strong and healthy. Once the teeth are removed, the jaw bones will slowly begin to dissolve away over time, until eventually you can get to a point where there is almost no bone left.

So just think about what that means. Your dentures rest on your jaw bones. The bony ridge is what holds them in place. What do you suppose happens as the bone shrinks away? That's right, the denture gets looser and looser.

Most likely that is when you go in to see the dentist to have the denture relined. The Denture fits better, but not so good as it used to because there isn't as much bone. Eventually a reline doesn't help at all.

Once you get to that point, then your only option is to have expensive bone transplant surgery if it's still possible... or suffer for the rest of your life.

How It Used To Be...

In the early days the only thing possible was to just go through life, suffering with dentures, slowly losing more and more bone, with the problems getting worse and worse.

But somewhere in there, implants came on the scene and they gave us two options:

  1. Implants with dentures that clip onto them
  2. Implants with permanent teeth attached to them.

Both of these options were a great improvement, BUT... the vast majority of people have not done either of these options and thus are condemned to spend the rest of their lives suffering with dentures.

The question is...


WHY do so many people suffer with denture problems ... FOREVER?

The Reason Is That There Are Some Serious Drawbacks To Using Conventional Implants To Solve Denture Problems.

The Problem With Conventional Implants

  • Cost - A conventional implant and crown to replace ONE TOOTH is around $4000 - $5000. Placing multiple conventional implants with a "fix-on-4" bridge or denture can cost $35,000 - $50,000, or more.


  • Not enough bone - because of their larger size, conventional implants require a lot of bone to be present and often times their just isn't enough. 


  • Need for Surgery - Often times conventional implants cannot be placed unless bone grafting surgery or sinus lift surgery is completed first. This is another large expense with extensive healing times.


  • Extended treatment times - Treatment can take a year or longer to complete.


  • The risk of spending that much money and having it fail.

OK... So if you don't want to suffer with existing denture problems, and...

You don't want to stand idly by while your jaw bones dissolve away, and...

You don't want to deal with the risk, expense, surgery, and extended healing times of previous options...



Mini Dental Implants

This photo shows before and after picture of min implants, implants, and an implant bridge

Mini dental implants are a smaller, simpler version of conventional implants, and they offer some significant advantages:

  • They can be placed in most areas without bone grafting or sinus surgery
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No extended healing time
  • You can eat on them the same day
  • They prevent the jaw bones from dissolving
  • They are significantly less expensive than the older options

There Is Finally An Affordable Alternative To Living With Denture Problems



Mini implants usually do not require surgery or extended healing times. The entire procedure can usually be completed in one or two appointments - and you can eat on them the same day!


Mini implants are placed with minimal anesthesia, and the procedure is painless. Post operative discomfort is also minimal.


Compared to other treatment options for tooth replacement, mini implants are very affordable. The cost is typically less than half the cost of conventional implants.

You Can Be You Again!

Laugh Without Worry Again

No More Embarrassment

Go Out To Dinner Without Fear

Feel Good About Yourself

Get Your Smile Back!

Eat Whatever You Want

When you suffer with dentures, it negatively impacts your life every single day. Feeling self-conscious, embarrassed, or afraid to smile not only makes you feel bad about yourself, it negatively impacts how others perceive you as well.

When you are free to smile and laugh and eat normally again, everything changes. You become more confident, you feel better about yourself, you smile and laugh more, and other people enjoy being around you. 

Imagine how good it would feel to be yourself again...


I just want you to know how much you’ve changed my life! I'm starting to recover my self esteem all thanks to you! You are changing my life thank you so much!

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the excellent work you did on creating a new smile for me! You took my crooked, short, and "pushed in" teeth, and created beautiful new teeth.  I look in the mirror and still can't believe these are my teeth."

Nancy K

"I had heard about Michael Pierquet's reputation and the excellent dentistry he performs. The procedure went very well. I must add that Dr Pierquet will do everything he can to make you as comfortable as possible. Today I have very nice straight front teeth that are nicely color matched. I have a smile to be proud of..."

Robert P

"Can I just start by saying... I LOVE my new smile. Gave me back a lot of confidence.  Michael you did awesome. You're great at what you do. We are so glad to have found a great dentist with friendly, caring people.  Thanks again!"

Connie B

"Mike, thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did on Paul's teeth. Your expertise and caring created a wonderful outcome."

Dawn E

"Thank you for the awesome job of making my new smile truly beautiful. After grinding my teeth down to half their size, I am proud to smile again with the wonderful results. I appreciated the professionalism and great results...:

Carrie G

Hi Dr.Mike, I was extremely happy with meeting you and the appointment. I was telling everyone I know how relaxed you made me feel and how excited I am to move forward with the next step in getting the mini implants.  I did write  a 5 star ⭐️ review after my consult with you on February 28th and told anyone who reads them to stay tuned in for updates as I go through this process.

Thank you for your patient and expert  work. I have been on this journey  for a while. I saw your video on line and after many other dentists I was afraid  to try fearing another disappointment. But I went to your free informational  appointment and thought I would try one more time.everything is going well I am 2/3 s of the way through and am happy I took that chance. I am looking forward  to when it's done . Thank you dr Mike and your assistants.

Dr. Pierquet, I thoroughly appreciated your professionalism, honesty and empathy regarding my current situation. I would rate my first visit as a 5 star!  ( please feel free to use above statement with my name on your website)

I just had my second appointment with Dr Mike. I WAS NERVOUS and worried, but It was easy and Dr Mike made me feel calm and relaxed. From my expérience so far, Dr Mike was able answer all my questions and made the appointment go in a positive direction. I am happy with my appointments and looking forward  to working with Dr MIke.

I was pleased with the fact you explained everything in detail. Previously, Aspen dental didn't tell me any details and I just trusted they knew what they were doing! Not so much! I'm excited to move forward with you and your technologies. I finally have hope for my future. Thank you Vickie

I was very impressed with your understanding of my problem and concerns. Your questions and exam was detailed and complete. I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends.

What You Get

  • Bite into an apple or steak again.
  • Stop using messy pastes or adhesives.
  • Talk, laugh, and eat with confidence again.
  • No more fear of denture embarrassment
  • Get your confidence back.
  • Be comfortable in social settings again.
  • Stop your face from collapsing.
  • A fraction of the usual cost.
  • Financing options available.


eat well with implant dentures

Other Advantages

Not only that... Your palate will not be covered so you get more taste, texture, and temperature sensations, and no issues with gagging.

If you have already heard about conventional implants, then you know that they can only be placed in certain areas, they often require bone grafts or sinus surgery prior to placement, healing time is long, and they are very expensive.

By contrast, mini dental implants can be placed in most areas without bone grafts or surgery, there is minimal discomfort during or after the procedure, much lower costs, and you get immediate results!

Mini implants also stop the jaw bones from dissolving away like they have been doing ever since you had your teeth removed.  This can help stop your facial structure from collapsing and creating that old "denture" look.

Your Options

Depending on the condition of your mouth and your financial situation, we have several options for solving your denture nightmares.

The Rock Solid Hybrid Implant Denture

Ed Can Explain It Better Than I - Click The Arrow To Watch This VIdeo About Implant Dentures

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So the question to ask yourself is...


How much of your life do you want to spend suffering with dentures?


Remember that however lousy your dentures are now, they will only get worse as more bone is lost over time. And at some point in life there is so little bone left that even mini implants can no longer be placed. Then there is nothing to be done, except suffer.

That is a horrible way to spend the latter years of life. And that doesn't have to happen to you... if you don't wait until it's too late!

We have several implant denture financing options available to you, and we have done our very best to make our procedure affordable for you. 

Book your free consultation appointment right now to see how mini implants can change your life!

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