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If You've Got Dentures... You've Got Problems!

  • Your Jaw Bones Are Dissolving Away

  • Your Facial Structure Is Collapsing

  • You Can't Eat Everything You Want

  • Social Embarrassment

  • Discomfort

  • Sticky, Gooey Adhesives Needed

AND... All Of These Denture Problems Are Only Going To Get Worse And Worse - Unless You Do Something About It...

Before It's Too Late!

Why Does It Happen?

The problem is that your jaw bones need the teeth in place to keep them strong and healthy. Once the teeth are removed, the jaw bones will slowly begin to dissolve away over time, until eventually you can get to a point where there is almost no bone left.

So just think about what that means. Your dentures rest on your jaw bones. The bony ridge is what holds them in place. What do you suppose happens as the bone shrinks away? That's right, the denture gets looser and looser. Most likely that is when you go in to see the dentist to have the denture relined. The relined denture fits better, but maybe not so good as it used to - because there isn't as much bone. Eventually a reline doesn't help at all.

Once you get to that point, then your only option is to have expensive bone transplant surgery if it's still possible... or suffer for the rest of your life.

How To Stop Bone Destruction

how implant dentures can improve your life

The good news is that there is a way to stop your jaw bones from dissolving away.

The way we do that is by placing implants. Implants stimulate the bone just like teeth so they stop the destruction in the areas where they are placed.

The more implants that are placed, the more bone that is saved.

The Reason That So Many People Suffer With Dentures, is That There Are Some Serious Drawbacks With Conventional Implants

  • Cost - A conventional implant and crown to replace ONE TOOTH is around $4000 - $5000. Placing multiple conventional implants with a "fix-on-4" bridge or denture can cost $35,000 - $50,000, or more.


  • Not enough bone - because of their larger size, conventional implants require a lot of bone to be present and often times their just isn't enough. 


  • Need for Surgery - Often times conventional implants cannot be placed unless bone grafting surgery or sinus lift surgery is completed first. This is another large expense with extensive healing times.


  • Extended treatment times - Treatment can take a year or longer to complete.


  • The risk of spending that much money and having it fail.

OK... So if you don't want to suffer with existing denture problems, and...

You don't want to stand idly by while your jaw bones dissolve away, and...

You don't want to deal with the risk, expense, surgery, and extended healing times of previous options...

What is the answer?

Mini Dental Implants

how implant dentures can improve your life

I will place mini implants and then create dentures that snap tightly onto the mini implants. You will have dentures that snap in, snap out, and stay put.

There simply is no good reason to suffer anymore! You can eat normally again without the need for adhesives. Instead of loose dentures that flop around, fall out, and create sore spots, you have dentures that lock into place!

Mini dental implants are a smaller, simpler version of conventional implants, and they offer some significant advantages:

  • They can be placed in most areas without bone grafting or sinus surgery
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No extended healing time
  • You can eat on them the same day
  • They prevent the jaw bones from dissolving
  • They are significantly less expensive than the older options

Rock Solid Dentures

  • Bite into an apple or steak again.
  • Stop using messy pastes or adhesives.
  • Talk, laugh, and eat with confidence again.
  • No more fear of denture embarrassment
  • Get your confidence back.
  • Be comfortable in social settings again.
  • Stop your face from collapsing.
  • A fraction of the usual cost.
  • Financing options available.


eat well with implant dentures

Other Advantages of Implant Dentures

Not only that... In most cases we can also remove the palate on the denture so you get more taste and temperature sensations.

If you have already heard about conventional implants, then you know that they can only be placed in certain areas, they often require bone grafts or sinus surgery prior to placement, healing time is long, and they are very expensive.

By contrast, mini dental implants can be placed in most areas without bone grafts or surgery, there is minimal discomfort during or after the procedure, much lower costs, and you get immediate results!

Mini implants also stop the jaw bones from dissolving away like they have been doing ever since you had your teeth removed.  This can help stop your facial structure from collapsing and creating that old "denture" look.

Here Is What You Get

  • No more fear and embarrassment in social settings!
  • Your self confidence back!
  • Smile, laugh, talk, sing normally again!
  • Eat whatever you want again!
  • No more sore spots!
  • No more messy, gooey adhesives!

Ed Can Explain It Better Than I - Click The Arrow To Watch This VIdeo About Implant Dentures

So the question to ask yourself is...

How much more of your life do you want to spend suffering with dentures?

AND... remember that however lousy your dentures are now, they will only get worse as more bone is lost over time. And at some point in life there is so little bone left that even mini implants can no longer be placed. Then there is nothing to be done, except suffer.

That is a horrible way to spend the latter years of life. And that doesn't have to happen to you... if you don't wait until it's too late!

Find out how mini implant dentures can change your life. Watch the video at the top of the page to see our special offer.