Affordable Dental Implants

How We Provide High Quality Dental Care At Lower Fees

You probably already know that dental implants can be quite expensive.  But in our office we provide affordable dental implants. You might be wondering if we cut corners, or use cheap supplies, or get our materials, implants or crowns from China. The answer is no. We provide dental implants at a fee most people can afford while still using the best materials, products, and labs.

The secret lies in the way our dental office is structured. See, generally dental offices are very expensive to operate. There is expensive equipment, dental staff, insurance, taxes, utilities, lab costs, supplies, etc.  We excel in controlling our overhead costs and passing the savings along to you. Here are some of the ways we do that:

Dr Michael Pierquet dental office

We Are A Small Office

The two biggest overhead expenses are the building and the staff. A doctor could have $1-2 million invested in one of those big, fancy dental offices. And that big office, by necessity requires a huge staff to run it. And that's great! There is nothing wrong with having a big fancy office... but treatment is going to be more expensive. It has to be that way to stay in business.

Now don't get me wrong, our dental office is really nice. But it's not fancy. It's not big. In fact it's small. We don't have fish tanks and waterfalls. And we don't give hand massages while you have treatment. We don't bake fresh cookies for you either. What we do is give you high quality dentistry at fees that are significantly lower than other offices.

We Have A Small Team

Besides the building, the other major expense is staffing. A big team is a big expense... payroll, payroll taxes, health insurance, vacations, 401k's, etc.  A high quality team is worth every penny, but the bigger it is, the more it costs.  I have a different philosophy. My team is myself and my assistant. That's it. Now you might be wondering how I can do that. Well, read on my friend.


We Treat One Patient At A Time

The way we get by with one dental assistant is that we only treat one patient at a time. We do not run from room to room, jamming in people all over. When you have an appointment with me, you have my full attention. 

And just so you know, I don't work this way simply to save expenses. I do it because that is how I like to work. I believe in personalized care and treating people like people, not like numbers.


We Minimize Billing and insurance costs

The other way we get by with a small team is because of how we handle insurance and billing. As far as billing, well, there is no billing. When you come in, we will diagnose what you need, explain the costs involved and make a payment arrangement. We accept all credit cards, cash, and checks. If financing dental treatment is needed we will do that as well with one of our finance companies. Once finances are handled, we will begin and finish treatment as soon as possible. No muss, no fuss, no confusion.

Our system is neat and clean. If you have insurance, we handle it the same way as explained above. We will make financial arrangements with you, and then we will file your insurance claim for you electronically and the insurance company will send a check directly to you.


We Minimize Computer Expenses

A dental office can spend $50-75,000 on computers, and then have high monthly maintenance costs to boot.  I chose not to participate in that. Our computer system consists of an ipad. Our software is entirely cloud based so that it is effective, secure, and our on going monthly costs are minimal. My system is better, faster, easier, simpler, and less expensive.  Most dental offices are trapped with their dinosaur systems because it is a nightmare to change.


We Automate Our Processes

We take advantage of modern technology to automate wherever possible. You will notice it right away when you book your free consult.  YOU pick the day, YOU pick the time, click the schedule button, and you've got the appointment.  You don't need to "request" an appointment, and have someone call you back like everyone else does it. You don't need to call. I don't need a receptionist to call you. There is no phone tag. You will automatically get email and/or text confirmation (your preference) for your appointment. If you want to change your appointment or cancel it, you can also do that very easily right from the confirmation message you get.  

These are just some of the ways we hold our costs down and pass the savings onto you!

Affordable dental implants are now a reality.