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Replace Missing Teeth With Mini Dental Implants

Before Condemning Yourself to Wearing Uncomfortable Partial Dentures, Having Your Good Teeth Ground Down For Bridges, Or Paying A Small Fortune For implants, Check Out What Mini Dental Implants Can Do For You... At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Conventional Implants

You are probably here for one of these reasons:


  • You are sick and tired of being embarrassed by missing teeth.
  • You would like to be able to smile and laugh normally (without trying to hide your teeth).
  • You want to be able to eat anything you want again
  • You want to feel more confident at work and in social settings.
  • You have one or more missing teeth that you want replaced
  • You need a tooth or teeth removed and want your best option for replacement
  • You don't want to get good teeth ground down for a bridge
  • You have a partial denture that you hate wearing
  • You have a "flipper" that doesn't work very well
  • You found out how expensive conventional implants are
  • You were told you need bone graft surgery before implants


If that's you, then read on to hear about the


Do You Need A Tooth Removed?

If you need a tooth removed, then please make sure you don't do it the normal way, which is to have the dentist or oral surgeon remove the tooth, and out the door you go to let it heal.

The problem with this common approach is that often times when a tooth is removed, the bone around it collapses as it heals, leaving you with a defect that is both cosmetically poor, and unable to support an implant.

That is why I always take the extra step of placing a bone graft at the time of extraction. This simple procedure is quite successful at preventing bone collapse, and leaving a good site for future implant placement.

If you are planning on having all of your remaining teeth removed, you should check this out!

Why Missing Teeth Need To Be Replaced

What you may not realize is that there are serious consequences from missing teeth:


  • Your Jaw Bones Could Be Dissolving Away
  • Your Facial Structure Could Be Collapsing
  • Your Teeth Are Probably Shifting and Moving
  • Your Bite Is changing In A Bad Way
  • Your Jaw Joints May Be Degenerating From Bite Changes
  • The Gum Tissues And Bone Around Your Teeth May Be Deteriorating
  • You Are At Increased Risk For Losing More Teeth

And the bad news is that these problems only get worse and worse the longer you wait to do something about it

Your jaw bones need the teeth in place to keep them strong and healthy. When teeth are lost, the jaw bones begin to slowly dissolve away.

The more teeth that are lost, and the more time that goes by, the more bone loss there will be. This leads to collapse of the face which is what makes people without teeth look so old.

And the road to many missing teeth usually begins with losing one tooth.

Now, you may think losing one tooth is not a big deal... but it is. That's because when you lose a tooth and don’t replace it, you may already be on the path to losing three more.

That's because the surrounding teeth can shift, bite changes occur, bad stresses on your teeth multiply, and gum tissue changes occur. That one missing tooth can create a mess in your mouth.

Losing a tooth can lead to losing another, and then another, and the next thing you know, you've got a bunch of missing teeth and now you've got real problems.


Click the arrow below to see how it works:


What Are The Options For Replacing Missing Teeth?

Replacing Missing Teeth With A Dental Bridge

In the old days, our best option was to cement a bridge onto the teeth adjacent to the missing one(s). This option still works well today, but there are some significant downsides.

First is that the adjacent teeth must be ground down to pegs so the bridge will fit over them. This can be less than desirable if the teeth are otherwise healthy, because now we are grinding down good teeth to replace missing teeth.

The other downside to bridges is that if one of the teeth fails for some reason, then the whole bridge is lost. And the limitation is that we can only replace two missing teeth in a row before the span is too long.

A dental bridge works like this:

dental bridge

Replacing Missing Teeth With A Partial Denture

The other way to replace missing teeth is with the removable partial denture. The downside is that it is a big piece of hardware that comes in and out, it has ugly metal arms that hook onto the teeth, food gets under it, and it stresses the remaining teeth.

A partial denture is the least desirable option and we only use it if it is the only viable option.

A partial denture works like this:

partial denture, partial dentures

Replacing Missing Teeth With Conventional Implants

Around 30 Years ago the dental implant came along. Basically, a fairly large hole is created in the jaw bone and then the titanium implant is placed in the hole so crowns or bridges can be attached to them.

At first they were thought to be a radical treatment that probably wouldn't work. But over time, they became the standard of care for replacing missing teeth.

And conventional implants are a very nice option today.


The question is... why do so many people have missing teeth and all the associated problems, and why do so many people suffer with lousy partial dentures or "flippers?"

The Reason Is That There Are Some Issues With Conventional Implants

  • The Cost Of Dental Implants - You may already know that an implant and crown to replace ONE TOOTH can be $4000 or more. Placing multiple implants with bridges can cost $35,000 - $50,000, or more.


  • Not enough bone - Because of their size, conventional implants require a lot of bone for proper placement, and many times there isn't enough. Typically this is because the patient waited too long to seek treatment.


  • Need for Bone Graft Surgery - Often times conventional implants cannot be placed unless bone grafting surgery or sinus lift surgery is completed first. This is another large expense with extensive healing times.


  • Extended treatment times - Treatment can sometimes take a year or longer to complete.


  • The risk of spending that much money and having it fail.

OK... So if you don't want to suffer with embarrassment and all the other problems caused by missing teeth, and...


You don't want to have your good teeth ground down for bridges, and...


You don't want to wear ugly, uncomfortable partial dentures or a flipper, and...


You don't want to stand idly by while your jaw bones dissolve away and your face collapses, and...


You don't want to deal with the high dental implant cost, surgery, and extended healing times with the old way of conventional implants...



Mini Dental Implants

implants, dental implants, mini implants
what is a mini dental implant

Mini dental implants are a smaller, simpler version of conventional implants, and they offer some significant advantages:

  • They can be placed in most areas without bone grafting or surgery
  • Minimal discomfort after placement
  • No extended healing time
  • You can eat on them the same day
  • They prevent the jaw bones from dissolving
  • They are significantly less expensive than the older options
  • Avoid the high cost of dental implants

Here's What We Can Do With Mini Dental Implants

Replace a single tooth with a mini implant and a crown.

This eliminates the need to grind your other teeth down for a bridge.

Replace multiple missing teeth

We can place multiple mini implants and then cement one or more bridges on top. Now you have teeth that stay in and function like your other teeth.

Get Rid Of Partial Dentures

Instead of having to wear removable partial dentures that are uncomfortable and have ugly metal clasps that hook onto your adjacent teeth and damage them, you get to have teeth that stay in and feel good.

Replace Dentures With Teeth That Stay In

Dentures can be replaced with an amazing procedure I call the hybrid implant bridge. This allows you to throw out your dentures and get teeth that stay in all the time. If this is you, GO HERE now.

There Is Finally An Affordable Alternative For Replacing Missing Teeth

Mini Dental Implants


Mini implants usually do not require surgery or extended healing times. The entire procedure can usually be completed in one or two appointments - and you can eat on them the same day!


Mini implants are placed with minimal anesthesia, and the procedure is painless. Post operative discomfort is also minimal.


When looking at other treatment options for tooth replacement, mini implants are much more affordable compared to the conventional dental implant cost.

Stop Your Jaw Bones From Dissolving Away

No Surgery Or Long Healing Times

Stop Your Face From Collapsing

No Grinding Down Good Teeth

Get Rid Of Your Partial Denture Or Flipper

Eat What You Want Again

Get Your Smile Back And Be Confident Again

Get Teeth That Stay IN

You Can Be You Again!

Laugh Without Worry Again

No More Embarrassment

Get Your Confidence Back

Feel Good About Yourself

Get Your Smile Back!

Eat Whatever You Want

When you suffer with a poor smile, it negatively impacts your life every single day. Feeling self-conscious, embarrassed, or afraid to smile not only makes you feel bad about yourself, it negatively impacts how others perceive you as well.

When you are free to smile and laugh and eat normally again, everything changes. You become more confident, you feel better about yourself, you smile and laugh more, and other people enjoy being around you. 

Imagine how good it would feel to be yourself again...


I just want you to know how much you’ve changed my life! I'm starting to recover my self esteem all thanks to you! Please respond as soon as you can, I also still need the rest of my cavities filled please let me know how much it would be for each , the bridges and the implants. You are changing my life thank you so much!

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the excellent work you did on creating a new smile for me! You took my crooked, short, and "pushed in" teeth, and created beautiful new teeth with the bonding procedure.  I look in the mirror and still can't believe these are my teeth."

Nancy K

"I had heard about Michael Pierquet's reputation and the excellent dentistry he performs. The procedure went very well. I must add that Dr Pierquet will do everything he can to make you as comfortable as possible. Today I have very nice straight front teeth that are nicely color matched. I have a smile to be proud of..."

Robert P

"Can I just start by saying... I LOVE my new smile. Gave me back a lot of confidence.  Michael you did awesome. You're great at what you do. We are so glad to have found a great dentist with friendly, caring people.  Thanks again!"

Connie B

"Mike, thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did on Paul's teeth. Your expertise and caring created a wonderful outcome."

Dawn E

"Thank you for the awesome job of making my new smile truly beautiful. After grinding my teeth down to half their size, I am proud to smile again with the wonderful results from bonding. I appreciated the professionalism and great results...:

Carrie G

Hi Dr.Mike, I was extremely happy with meeting you and the appointment. I was telling everyone I know how relaxed you made me feel and how excited I am to move forward with the next step in getting the mini implants. I did watch your video but it was difficult to locate on your website. I didn’t sign up for the discount your offering because it appeared it would schedule another consult and we already did that piece but YES I definitely will give a video testimonial when the work is completed to get the promotion your offering. I did write  a 5 star ⭐️ review after my consult with you on February 28th and told anyone who reads them to stay tuned in for updates as I go through this process. I’m waiting for your technician to contact me to schedule my X-ray. 

Thank you for your patient and expert  work. I have been on this journey  for a while. I saw your video on line and after many other dentists I was afraid  to try fearing another disappointment. But I went to your free informational  appointment and thought I would try one more time.everything is going well I am 2/3 s of the way through and am happy I took that chance. I am looking forward  to when it's done . Thank you dr Mike and your assistants.

Dr. Pierquet, I thoroughly appreciated your professionalism, honesty and empathy regarding my current situation. I would rate my first visit as a 5 star!  ( please feel free to use above statement with my name on your website)

I just had my second appointment with Dr Mike. I WAS NERVOUS and worried, but It was easy and Dr Mike made me feel calm and relaxed. From my expérience so far, Dr Mike was able answer all my questions and made the appointment go in a positive direction. I am happy with my appointments and looking forward  to working with Dr MIke.

I was pleased with the fact you explained everything in detail. Previously, Aspen dental didn't tell me any details and I just trusted they knew what they were doing! Not so much! I'm excited to move forward with you and your technologies. I finally have hope for my future. Thank you Vickie

I was very impressed with your understanding of my problem and concerns. Your questions and exam was detailed and complete. I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

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