Tooth Extraction For Dentures

If You Are Thinking About Having Your Teeth Removed And Getting Dentures, Do Yourself A Favor And Scroll Down To Watch This Video First

The last thing you want to do is make a critical mistake that you can never recover from. This 12 minute video will show you how to give yourself the best odds for a better future.

A Tale Of Two Futures...

If you think you may need to have your remaining teeth removed for dentures, then you are in an unfortunate situation. Making the wrong moves at this critical point in your life can lead you to a very unhappy place. 


Making the right moves can lead you to a much better place. Here are two possible future scenarios for you to ponder.


Scenario 1 For Your Future

  • You have dentures you hate or can’t wear
  • Your Jaw Bones Are Slowly Dissolving Away
  • Your Facial Structure Is Collapsing
  • You Can't Eat The Things You Want
  • You Stop Going Out To Dinner With Friends
  • Social Embarrassment
  • Discomfort
  • Needing To Use Gooey Adhesives


Scenario 2 For Your Future

  • Teeth That Stay In All The Time
  • No Bone Loss Or Face Collapsing
  • Eat Whatever You Want
  • Feel Confident
  • Be Yourself

Because of the nature of my practice, I see patients all the time who made the wrong choice. I hear these people say things like this:


  • "If I would have known it would be like this, I never would have had my teeth removed"
  • "I thought I could get my teeth taken out and have dentures, and everything would be great”
  • “I wish someone had told me what would happen ahead of time"
  • "I can't even wear these dentures"
  • "My life is ruined, I won't even go out of the house because I'm too embarrassed to go out without teeth"
  • "I wanted to start dating, but how can I kiss someone with dentures moving in my mouth


I Don’t Want That To Be You!

And that’s why I created a video for you that will show you what you need to know to make the right decisions regarding your dental future. Take 12 minutes out of your life to watch it now. 


The time to figure everything out is BEFORE you have your teeth removed - not after!

The Five Tragic Mistakes People Make When Having Their Teeth Removed For Dentures

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Helping You Be You Again


Patients often come to me upset and angry. Why? Because they went somewhere, had their teeth removed, and now they have dentures they can't wear.


 - They can’t eat...

 - They hate the way they look...

 - They can’t get used to all the plastic in their mouth...

 - The dentures gag them...

 - They hate having the roof of their mouth covered in plastic...

 - Their jaw bones are shrinking away...

 - They look 20 years older...

 - They are embarrassed to be with their loved ones...

 - They rarely even leave their house anymore...

You Don’t Want That To Be You. Watch The Video.